Our Story With Event Photography

Photographing events are one of our specialities. Our professionalism and quality of coverage has lead to us photographing a wide variety of high calibre and exciting events - Whether it is Abseiling off a 140m high building or swinging off the Goodwill Bridge over the Brisbane River, Kate Bush Wuthering Heights Day at The Arts Centre (HOTA). The stunning colour of a Diwali with its joy of Indian Bollywood with stunning lighting effects, to a swish event at the Palazzo Versace or opening night at the classy Heritij Restaurant overlooking the Brisbane River at night. Your pets with Santa Claus and also many very special Wedding Days.

Whatever your event - here at Mark Buckley Photography we have you covered.

A Wedding at Tiffany's Maleny - Nardean and Brent

Beauty can not be dampened by rain, hail or shine and that was the case at the beautiful Wedding of Nardean and Brent at the gorgeous Tiffany's in Maleny. It poured torrentially this day and this beautiful couple just carried on because they were there for each other - being married and making a commitment to stay together for life - and they never lost site of that.

The rain also creates a unique opportunity to capture wonderful images and the photos of Brent and Nardean are testament to that. You can feel the love between them here. Such a beautiful Wedding.



A Hinterland Wedding at Cedar Creek Falls - Sam and Scott

The wedding of Sam and Scott at Cedar Creek Falls was just a beautiful wedding. They are such a wonderful couple and they had a surprise they had kept from their guest but which they announced on the day after they were declared "husband and wife". They announced that they were expecting their first child. It was just a beautiful, heartfelt day and the images express it all. Such a joy to be there and capture this wonderful day.

Fitness Shoot - Skye and Michael

I love the way light, when used correctly, can show up the contours of an exercised sculptured body. Whether it is fitness or sport of any kind, dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, soccer or other football codes, if you have a body you want captured to show its hard earned worth then contact us here to arrange your studio or location session.

Jochen and Christina's wedding - Cabarita Beach

Some days the soul of the day matches what is going on inside the day and Jochen & Christina's wedding at Cabarita Beach was one such day, The light mixing with the sentiment this couple were exuding and further enhanced by family and friends, many of whom had traveled half way around they world to be there, was just stunningly beautiful. I think the image of them dancing in the sunset on top of Cabarita Headland says it all. I let the images speak from here.

 Beautiful Wedding photography in Cabarita Beach, NSW, Australia

Joey's Harley Photo Shoot

Every now and then you come across a project of love and passion and Joey's meticulous, near perfect Harley was one such work of art. A beautiful bike in fabulous light, a photographers delight. Oh, and it has grunt too, the biggest Harley engine and bombed to the eyeballs. If you have a machine you are passionate about and would like it captured, call me now on 0407176969 to arrange a time.

The Wedding of Damian and Erin - Byron Bay

Wow! Is all that can be said for Byron Bay on a beautiful sunny day. When that day is the wedding day of Damian and Erin with the beach and the Byron Bay Head land and the lighthouse as its backdrop then wow alone doesn’t seem enough to cover it. What a gorgeous stunning wedding in such a fabulous location.

This wedding was such a beautiful celebration of the couple and their commitment made to each other for life. They are such an in tune couple who share so much in common and get out there and experience life, together.

It was also a wonderful wedding about family. Damian, with his Argentinian heritage and Erin being Canadian and so far from her home country it was definitely a coming together the world and it distances couldn’t keep apart. Erin recently lost her mum and this made the effort of people who all that way so much more important to her on her special day. It was such a beautiful emotional day made all the more by the perfect choices made in every detail of the day by Erin and Damian.

What a beautifully gorgeous day and such a wonderful wedding that you could just feel in the air all day long. So fabulous to be there and experience that. So honoured to be asked to take on the responsibility of capturing such a wonderful import day and one so very special to Damian, and Erin and their families and friends.

I love to capture beautiful things and weddings are at the most beautiful of one of people’s expression of emotion and commitment to each other. Damian and Erin’s marriage to each other was one of those most beautiful examples of a perfect the wedding day and I was so proud to be able to capture it for them; beautiful!

The Wedding Guides Brisbane Bridal Expo 2017

It was fabulous to be involved in The Wedding Guide's Brisbane Bridal Expo, 2017, at the Brisbane Sofitel. The fashion designs for brides, Grooms and bridal party gowns are always just stunningly gorgeous and this year was no different.

It was wonderful to be a part of such an excellent event and share the experience with all of the other exhibitors. What a wonderful industry we are all a part of. You have to love a beautiful wedding.

Such a wonderful event with so many beautiful brides and handsome grooms to be. It was a privilege to be able to capture some wonderful images of the the fashion parade and have them feature in the June 2017 "Indulge Magazine" (see the link below). 


Here's looking forward to capturing and sharing many more gorgeous weddings this year and beyond into 2018.

For more images of the The Wedding Guide's Brisbane Bridal Expo, check out more of our photos in the gallery.


A Steampunk Wedding – Sophie and Mark

Not all weddings are the same and Sophie and Mark’s wedding at their friends property in Dakabin was certainly not your every day traditional affair.

Sophie owns Bella Grooves, Steampunk Fashion, a Steampunk boutique here on the Gold Coast and she has been a costume seamstress for the film industry for more than 12 years.

Sophie_Mark_wedding _M0F9858152017-06-11.jpg

Mark is a comedian and if you are a cruise person you may well have heard one of his routines on board one of the various cruises and well, what can I say, good for a laugh.

It goes without saying that this was a Steampunk inspired wedding and Sophie made all the vests and outfits for the bridal party and more. She laboured, with love, over her wonderful wedding dress with its multiple layers and corset. As a result the atmosphere was fabulous and a joyous celebration of Sophie and Mark’s commitment to each other for life shared with there wonderful guests and speeches which proved more like a line up at a comedy festival than your traditional wedding speeches.

It was absolutely fabulous to be the photographer there on the day to capture their gorgeous shared moments, Sophie’s fabulous work, the wonderful venue and the atmosphere. What a fantastic themed wedding.

I love weddings and I love steampunk. What an awesome wedding! Congratulations to Sophie and Mark on their wonderful day and all the best for their future together.

The Absolutely Beautiful Wedding of Doug and Sam Anable

You just know when two people are meant to be. Doug and Sam are one such couple. They both beamed for each other throughout their entire wedding day.

From the girls and boys getting ready right through to their ceremony and reception ate the gorgeous Palmer Colonial Golf Course venue, despite some light misting rain, it was just a beautiful day; such a gorgeous wedding.

Being a photographer means you capture and document what happens in the world whether it be at an event, real life, in nature or else where. Being a wedding photographer means you document the preparation, formal ceremony and celebration of the couple’s open commitment to each other shared with the people most important to them and in their lives at that time. Doug and Sam glowed with this commitment on their special day and that is something a photographer just can’t 'put' into the photos but to capture it when it is there, wow!

Such a wonderful day to be witness to and such a privilege to be there to capture Sam and Doug’s wonderful special moments from their beautiful wedding day, which I know they will share for life. Such a gorgeous wedding.

Palmer Colonial Golf Course Wedding, Sam and Doug Wedding Gold Coast