A Steampunk Wedding – Sophie and Mark

Not all weddings are the same and Sophie and Mark’s wedding at their friends property in Dakabin was certainly not your every day traditional affair.

Sophie owns Bella Grooves, Steampunk Fashion, a Steampunk boutique here on the Gold Coast and she has been a costume seamstress for the film industry for more than 12 years.

Sophie_Mark_wedding _M0F9858152017-06-11.jpg

Mark is a comedian and if you are a cruise person you may well have heard one of his routines on board one of the various cruises and well, what can I say, good for a laugh.

It goes without saying that this was a Steampunk inspired wedding and Sophie made all the vests and outfits for the bridal party and more. She laboured, with love, over her wonderful wedding dress with its multiple layers and corset. As a result the atmosphere was fabulous and a joyous celebration of Sophie and Mark’s commitment to each other for life shared with there wonderful guests and speeches which proved more like a line up at a comedy festival than your traditional wedding speeches.

It was absolutely fabulous to be the photographer there on the day to capture their gorgeous shared moments, Sophie’s fabulous work, the wonderful venue and the atmosphere. What a fantastic themed wedding.

I love weddings and I love steampunk. What an awesome wedding! Congratulations to Sophie and Mark on their wonderful day and all the best for their future together.