The Wedding of Damian and Erin - Byron Bay

Wow! Is all that can be said for Byron Bay on a beautiful sunny day. When that day is the wedding day of Damian and Erin with the beach and the Byron Bay Head land and the lighthouse as its backdrop then wow alone doesn’t seem enough to cover it. What a gorgeous stunning wedding in such a fabulous location.

This wedding was such a beautiful celebration of the couple and their commitment made to each other for life. They are such an in tune couple who share so much in common and get out there and experience life, together.

It was also a wonderful wedding about family. Damian, with his Argentinian heritage and Erin being Canadian and so far from her home country it was definitely a coming together the world and it distances couldn’t keep apart. Erin recently lost her mum and this made the effort of people who all that way so much more important to her on her special day. It was such a beautiful emotional day made all the more by the perfect choices made in every detail of the day by Erin and Damian.

What a beautifully gorgeous day and such a wonderful wedding that you could just feel in the air all day long. So fabulous to be there and experience that. So honoured to be asked to take on the responsibility of capturing such a wonderful import day and one so very special to Damian, and Erin and their families and friends.

I love to capture beautiful things and weddings are at the most beautiful of one of people’s expression of emotion and commitment to each other. Damian and Erin’s marriage to each other was one of those most beautiful examples of a perfect the wedding day and I was so proud to be able to capture it for them; beautiful!